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Specializing in Mechanic, Millwright and HVAC Technician Jobs

Toll Free: 1 (833) ROCKSTR | 1 (833) 762-5787

What Is Rockstar Recruiting

We are an Employment Agency For Skilled Trades Hiring. We Run 3 Seperate Division Each With a Different Focus. We Have Rockstar Mechanics, Rockstar Millwrights and Rockstar HVAC, Each Division Has a Team of Experienced Recruiters Who Are Dedicated to Their Niche. We Work With Companies Throughout North America and we are Focused on Quality Hires That Last.

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Rockstar Mechanics

Rockstar Mechanics is here to help with your Mechanic Hiring. Specializing in Automotive, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Mechanic Jobs. 

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Rockstar HVAC

Rockstar HVAC is here to help with your HVAC Technician Hiring. Whether you need an Installation Technician or Service Rep, we can help with any HVAC Technician jobs. 

Rockstar Millwrights

Rockstar Millwrights is here to help with your Millwright Hiring. Specializing in jobs for Millwrights, Maintenance Technicians and Industrial Mechanics.  


Focused Approach

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Rockstar Recruiting is a niche Head Hunting firm focused on Skilled Trades. We understand that a laser focus is the only way to be successful so we have dedicated teams for Mechanics, Millwrights and HVAC Technicians.

Real Recruiting

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Post & Pray Doesn't Work, we don't rely on job boards. We do real searches, networking, gathering referrals and head hunting - real recruiting. If all you want is the best of the unhappy and unemployed then all you need is a job ad but if you want a Rockstar you need a Real Recruiter.

Industry Expertise

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We are well connected and have our ears to the ground, we can advise you hiring trends, compensation surveys and will let you know when Rockstars are on the market. One of the best ways to improve your team is to be proactive, Rockstar will always be looking for you. 

Results We Stand Behind

Confident Recruiter

Every hire comes with a 6 month warranty and a 2 week trial period. We can offer this because we are confident in our screening process, we only send you the best. Most employment agencies do not have the confidence to offer more than 3 months.  


Speedometer, speed boost

The cost of not having enough Skilled Trades people on staff or having the wrong ones can be thousands of dollars a day. Between work you have to turn away, overtime you have to pay and customers that you lose it all adds up. We can get you Industrial Mechanics quickly.  

No Wasted Time

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We will not fill your already overcrowded in box with unqualified candidates hoping that one of them might get hired. We are not a volume business we are a quality business, the only candidates we send are ones that we are confident are a match.   

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Toll Free: 1 (833) ROCKSTR | 1 (833) 762-5787