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Rockstar Recruiting was born out of necessity and was the vision of Mark Venters. After a successful career in Industrial Sales and Recruiting, Mark opened his first recruiting firm, Venters Recruits. He and his team built a loyal client base in the Industrial and Construction sectors focusing on Sales and Sr. Management positions. Their goal was simple, with every client they took on, help them grow their business. Mark knew that for Venters Recruits to be successful, they needed a laser focus on their niche, whenever they were asked to take on a search out side of their niche the answer was always ““We are an Industrial and Construction Recruiting Specialist firm…not a Generalist.”

The problem was that many of his clients said that they desperately needed Skilled Trades People and not having them was preventing them from growing. Mark wanted to help but didn’t want to dilute the focus at Venters Recruits, the solution was to create Rockstar Recruiting.

Mark brought together a team of recruiters that had experience and expertise with Skilled Trades Recruiting. They formed 3 separate divisions (Rockstar HVAC, Rockstar Millwrights and Rockstar Mechanics) with dedicated staff for each division.

Rockstar has taken off faster than anyone could have imagined but we retain the same goal that got us started, helping our clients grow their business. We believe in Partnerships over Pressure and are here for the long term, not just the next deal.


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" Without people, you're nothing"
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Joe Strummer
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Meet Our Leadership Team

It takes a Rockstar to find a Rockstar.

Managing Partner

Mark Venters

Mark is the visionary behind Rockstar Recruiting. He has many years in both Recruiting and Industrial Sales. Everything Mark does is with honesty, openness and the high ethics that you would expect from an East Coaster. Mark is a hand on manager who works closely with the team to ensure everyone operates under the same principles that have made him a trusted resource in the Construction and Industrial sectors. 


General Manager

Dave Morley

Dave has been recruiting in the trades for over 10 years, he is loyal to a fault and will do anything and everything he can for his clients, candidates and staff. Dave is in charge of executing Mark’s vision, collaborating with the team of Rockstar Recruiters with a focus on going above and beyond for candidates and clients alike. If you have Dave in your corner, you are in good hands.


Lead Recruiter - Millwrights

Jessica Santos

Jessica is a no-nonsense, hard working recruiter who lives for the search. If the candidate is out there, Jessica will find them. She takes her role as recruiter very seriously and will bend over backwards to ensure that her clients get the candidates that they need. Jessica has been working with leading Recruiting firms since 2007 and brings real leadership to our team.



Lead Recruiter - HVAC

Jon-George Popowich

Jon-George is our HVAC expert, prior to becoming a Rockstar Recruiter, he spent close to 15 years in Sales and Management roles with leading HVAC companies. As a former General Manager he understands the pain of being short on Technicians and Installers and knows that time is of the essence. He is able to leverage his vast network to quickly find you the talent you need.

Lead Recruiter - Mechanics (USA)

Rich Hardin

Rich has a ton of experience under his belt from various industries including Transportation, Nuclear Power, Real Estate and Multimedia. He is able to pull from lessons learned and apply them to recruiting. He takes a consultative approach to the job working very closely with candidates and clients alike to ensure both parties are happy and that the matches made are long term.


Lead Recruiter - Mechanics (Canada)

Stewart Willis

Stewart is a Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technician by trade who spent over 20 years on the shop floor. He brings that technical focus to his recruiting craft. He has a first hand understanding of what his clients need and is well aware of how disruptive a bad hire can be to your shop. Stewart maintains a strong passion for the trade and loves talking shop with technicians and hiring managers alike.